Pop-up shops 1.0



Pop-up shops 1.0 – during the financial crisis a lot of shops went bankrupt. The result… a lot of sad looking empty shops in shopping areas.

However, some smart persons came up with the brilliant idea to use those empty locations for temporary restaurants or inspiring homeware shops and introduced them to us as pop-up restaurants or pop-up shops.

Not a new concept

Well, I can tell you that this concept is not new. Not at all. Long before the crisis we already had pop-up stores in Holland. Most of the time they are small and made of wood, and they tend to pop-up during the spring season. Usually you can find them along the road on a spot where thousands of bright coloured tulips are looking at you.


Yes, I do mean the flower fields. And this is another feature of those pop-up shops 1.0. They sell flowers. All kinds of flowers, but of course tulips in many different colours. Whenever you drive in the flower field area and you suddenly spot such a wooden stall selling flowers, you should consider to stop and buy yourself a beautiful bunch of flowers. You will discover the price is much lower than the price of flowers in regular shops.

Honesty box

Now here is another feature of those little stalls; very often you won’t find a salesperson. The stall is completely abandoned. You will only find buckets hopefully filled with flowers, as they could be sold out already, and a letter- or a cashbox. If you have decided which flowers you want to buy, the intention is, that you get your wallet and grap the money you have to pay for the flowers. The price is normally written on a piece of paper. You put that money in the letter- or cashbox, also known as the honesty box, and take the flowers home. Or, if you want, go into the flower fields and have yourself photographed!

Dutch flower fields
King’s Day, formerly Queen’s Day

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