Dutch flower fields



The Dutch flower fields are world famous and should be on everyone’s bucketlist! Let the colours and fragrances of the flowers in Holland overwhelm you.

Colourful flower fields
Every year, from the end of March until the second week of May, millions of brightly colored flowers turn the landscape into a colourful painting. This appeals to people from all over the world and many want to visit and enjoy the tulips, hyacinths, narcissi and daffodils during the spring months. As a flower is a product of nature, it depends on the weather when the flower fields peak. So every year the same question pops up; what is the best time to visit the flower fields? Understandable, as it would be very disappointing to travel a very long time to visit the flower fields and discover you are two weeks late.

The best period to see the flower fields
In general, the best time is the second half of April. However, in 2012 it was very warm in March. A lot of tulips were in bloom by then already. In 2013 the opposite happened. We had a very long cold winter. Only as from the first week of May the tulips were blooming. And in 2014 the tulip fields were gone by the third week of April. In 2016 the tulips were in full bloom as from half April.

Go into the fields and take a picture
Want a picture of yourself in a sea of colourful flowers? Take your car (or even better a bycicle) and drive to the flower fields. A lot of flower fields can be found in Hillegom, Lisse and Noordwijk, but there are many more places in the area. Below you will find some addresses which you can enter into your navigation system. Get off the bigger roads and find a quiet country road at a field. Park your car at the sideway and then carefully enter the field. Try not to damage the flowers, and above all, make sure you are not so overwhelmed you forget to take that picture!


Zwartelaan, Essenlaan, Loosterweg-Zuid and Herenweg (the area between Engelbewaarderskerk and Ruine van Dever)

Veenenburgerlaan, Zuider Leidsevaart and derde Loosterweg

Herenweg and Westeinde

De Zilk

Tweede Doodweg

Keukenhof Gardens 2016
Pop-up shops 1.0

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