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Annemieke’s Picking Garden – the Dutch flower fields are world famous. Every spring, loads of people from all over the world visit our country to admire our flowers. Many of them walk into the flowerbeds to have themselves photographed within a sea of colourful flowers. 

Some of them even pick the flowers, but this is not appreciated by the flowerfarmers and should not be done.

Picking garden

So to keep everybody happy, there is an alternative where you can pick your own beautiful bunch of flowers. It is called Annemieke’s Picking Garden and it is located in Hillegom, which is in the flower fields area. When you arrive at this picking garden you will find a blackboard and special nets next to the flower field. On the blackboard the price per flower and the picking instructions are mentioned. The net can be very easy if you want to have a big bunch of flowers; you carry it with you while going into the flower field and put the flowers you pick in the net. After picking the flowers you go inside and pay your bunch of flowers at the cashier, or you can order a drink and have some cake first if you want.

Flowers in all kinds of colours

During spring time you can pick tulips in all kinds of colours. So you can choose a bunch of white tulips or red tulips or yellow or…. well you can decide which colour you want or you mix various colours. In the summer, when the tulips are gone, you will find a wide variety of cutting flowers. The variety of species and colours is a feast for your eyes and many visitors passed by already to pick a beautiful bunch of flowers.

Rent pedal kayaks

At the picking garden it is also possible to rent pedal kayaks to visit the flower fields from the waterside. You can even rent the kayaks for a day and sail to Haarlem. Wherever you want to go, you will be provided with a precise and easy to read watermap, which enables you to choose your own route.

You will find the address, telephonenumber and openinghours on their website

Zaanse Schans and Domineestuin

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