During the summer of 2014 I started renting out my house through Airbnb and Wimdu. I received reservations of people from all over the world. At first I expected to only rent out during the summer as my house is located near to the beach. But during the fall and winter period guests kept booking my house and when spring was nearing, reservations nearly exploded.

It was only then that I became to realize how well located my house actually is. All the things Holland is worldwide famous for, are within half an hour drive distance. The windmills, flower fields, Amsterdam and its canals, Haarlem, cheesemarkets and many more things are very near. My guests loved all those typical Dutch things.

Being born and raised in Holland, I did not see the beauty of my country, as I was used to my surroundings. However, the enthousiasm of my guests opened my eyes. How could I have not seen that all those years? On top of that, I decided to spend my summerholiday on my boyfriend’s boat in Holland. We sailed the Nothern part of Holland. It was a complete new experience for me to see my country from a boat, as it offers a different angle than I was used to.

I took many pictures of all the places we visited by boat and placed some of them on Facebook and/or Twitter. My foreign friends and family loved those pictures. Combined with the enthusiasm of my guests, the idea arose of starting a website for my future guests where they can find information of all the interesting things Holland has got to offer. But as time passed by it crossed my mind that there may be much more people interested in The Netherlands than only my guests.

So for all those people out there in the world, who are interested in all the great things our little country has got to offer, I am sharing photos and blogs of all those Dutch icons with you. I hope you will enjoy it.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me!