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In our 'Blog' section we regularly post items about typical Dutch habits and icons, as well as cities and villages. Every city or village we blog about, have been visited and photographed by us. Although Holland is a small country, there are many interesting places to visit, so more blogs will follow.


Our blog section has the following categories; Pretty cities/Pretty places/Typical Dutch/Flowers. Except for the homepage, you can find the categories on the right side of every page on our website.


We visit many places in Holland and take a lot of pictures. Almost every workingday we post a picture on our social media. In order to keep our website fast, most of these photos cannot be found on our website. If you don't want to miss a picture, then please go to the 'Photos' section to find all the information on how to follow us on our social media.

Pretty Holland



Holland is famous for its flowers, bikes, wooden shoes, windmills, cheese, dykes, fishing villages, boats, ancient cities and villages, Dutch masters and many more things. That’s why more than 15 million persons (in 2015) from all over the world have visited our country, and the number of tourists is increasing.

Want to know why so many people love our little country? Or do you want to know what they have seen during their visit? Then don’t miss out on our pictures of all the beautiful places Holland has got to offer. You will find them on our Twitter, Instagram or Facebook account. On you will find blogs in which we tell you about special places and/or events. Furthermore, we will tell you about our typical, sometimes strange, Dutch habits.